• Quickly assess your firm’s Digital Maturity level—and help the Open ROADS Community develop its benchmarks for successful digital transformation!

    Thank you for participating in the Open Digital Maturity Model (ODMM) Flash Assessment—a ten-minute survey designed to gauge your organization’s current digital maturity level across a comprehensive set of organisational attributes.

    The ODMM is the digital maturity assessment tool developed by the Open ROADS Community. While a complete ODMM assessment provides a thorough, detailed review of an organisation’s digital maturity conducted by impartial accredited assessors, this Flash Assessment is a self-survey intended to provide a quick high level view of digital maturity and some general insights. It consists of a sub-set of questions from the full model, spanning all six dimensions, covering strategy, culture, technology and operations.

    For each question, please select the response which best describes your organisation’s practices and behaviours at this time. All questions must be answered for the Flash Assessment to successfully calculate your Digital Maturity score.

    Your responses will be completely confidential, and the results will only be shared with the Open ROADS Community as part of an aggregated benchmark study.Please contact membership@openroadscommunity.com if you have questions or suggestions.

    We hope this Flash Assessment has generated some useful ideas for you in terms of focus and prioritisation in your digital transformation initiatives. Thank you for helping to make the ODMM an even more robust tool for Open ROADS Community members.