• Quickly assess your firm’s Digital Maturity level—and help the Open ROADS Community develop its benchmarks for successful digital transformation!

    Thank you for participating in the Open Digital Maturity Model (ODMM) Brief Assessment—a ten-minute survey designed to gauge your organization’s current digital maturity level across a comprehensive set of organizational attributes.

    The ODMM is the proprietary digital maturity assessment tool of the Open ROADS Community, created to enable a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s digital business infrastructure, operations, strategies and culture. While a Full Assessment is conducted by a team of accredited assessors, for this Brief Assessment we have created a set of 18 self-assessed questions which aim to cover at a high level each of the six main ODMM dimensions. Together these can provide a rough guide as to the level of maturity of an enterprise — including technology, human capital, knowledge and finance.

    For each question, please select the response which best describes your organization’s situation at this time. All questions must be answered for the Brief Assessment to successfully calculate your Digital Maturity score.

    Your responses will be treated completely anonymously, and the results will only be shared within the Open ROADS Community as part of an aggregated benchmark study. If you choose to leave a valid email address, a copy of this study will be emailed to you once completed. We hope you will find your ODMM Brief Assessment results a useful stimulus to your digital transformation initiatives, and we thank you for your interest in the Open ROADS Community. If you have any questions or suggestions, or would like further information about the ODMM, then please contact enquiries@openroadscommunity.com.

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